Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Tips


Due to the removal of phosphates in soap and the decrease of water in energy efficient washers, one of the major complaints is a mildew smell. Here are some tips that will eliminate the smell.

  • Do not use to much soap. Half of the recommended amount of soap is usually plenty for any load.
  • Use hot water and bleach at least once a week. If you do not want to wash your whites in hot water and bleach, run cleaner through the machine once a month. We recommend Affresh.
  • Do not use fabric softener. Without phosphates, soap no longer completely dissolves fabric softener.  This results in residue that will mildew. As an alternative to fabric softener, trying using dryer sheet when drying your clothes.
  • Leave the door or lid open when not in use. This will let the moisture dry out, preventing mildew.

Avoid a repair call

Manufacturers recommend changing washer hoses every 5 years. This will help prevent hoses from bursting.